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Change of Pace


I love making my hard-bound refillable journals to sell at art shows, Etsy and in local stores (see pages for the Woodwrite and Leather Reporters).  BUT, sometimes I really feel like slowing down with some hand-stitched (non-refillable) journals.  And some people do prefer them. 

So before I embark on a batch of XL Woodwrites--a new size for me, so stay tuned for more about those--I dove into my bin of Stickley upholstery samples.  The fabrics are luscious and they make nice sturdy soft covers.  I made signatures from heavy vintage ledger paper gleaned from an old ledger that had lost its cover, gifted to me by my mom.  

Each chunky little book has four signatures for a total of 144 writable pages.  They measure only 4.5" by 6.5."  It's hard to describe how they feel in the hand -- soft and  squeezable.  Each one has two vintage buttons sewn on, with elastic between them for a nice closure.  

They'll be at the  Artists Shop in Missoula later today and I hope they find good homes.   

Donna Erickson