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Bootstrap Journals with Heart!

Another batch of Bootstrap Journals finished! Of all the journals I make, I think these have the most character and heart. Each pair of boots (two journals) “wants” a slightly different treatment. Some are narrower, lending themselves to a Travelers Notebook. Wider ones make good A5 covers with Moleskine Cahier notebooks inside.

Some boots are lovely inside—clean with the beautiful stitching showing through. Others, not so much. The latter need to be lined. Either way, I have the opportunity to add a leather pocket on the inside cover. Working on a design that will incorporate a pen loop.

The other variable is the V-shaped dip in the front and back of the cowboy boot. If it’s shallow, I do not need to cover it from the inside. Deep ones need a lining that will keep the notebook inside protected.

Finally, the labels are nice to have exposed on the insides, especially if they are Tony Lamas, Justins, or some other old-time, well-made brand.

All of these factors are at play in each journal and I enjoy problem solving to get the best result possible. I want to honor these hard-working boots and make a journal cover that will last for generations!

Donna Erickson