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Magnetic Poetry Book Covers


Do you have a little box of those magnetic poetry words stashed in a drawer somewhere?  I do.  They were a hit in the what, 1990s?  Some people still have them on their fridges.  I happened the little box recently and thought "Oh, those might be some good words for the fronts of journals."

Of course sifting through them for viable phrases was time-consuming, but fun.  And what I ended up with is not great literature by any means but that's ok too.  

I glued them onto the distressed wooden covers -- made from upcycled trailer house paneling which was painted in two colors and then sanded.  See more about my Wood Write line here on the website under Lines.    

I used gorilla glue to attach the wods and I don't think they're coming off any time soon.  I have a little tin with some other phrases composed and ready to go.  We'll see if these resonate with folks....they'll be available for sale in my etsy store soon (see link in the Purchase page here).  

Donna Erickson